Criss Cross, Starlight

I need to keep this song with me at all times. In my pockets, in my mind, behind my eyes, so that when I *blink* –

I am there.

This song fits so truly into Siobhan’s narrative arc, that it could’ve been written for my novel. If I felt like being, y’know, arrogant like that.

Me, arrogant? I was born with a blue rose on my lips. For me, the clock will open. I’ll weave webs behind myself, so none may follow.

Oh, you think you can try? Go ahead. I dare you.

I need empty streets to live. I wish for starlight on my face, not the harsh sun. The shadows of night, claw out your eyes. You won’t see me pass by. You won’t know I’ve been there, following cats around corners, walking my own Mercy Street.

Let them all fade away. The footsteps, the fuckers, the dandling babies and the charming men. The stars are elusive, and more fun when dying in your eyes.

My poor girl. Siobhan, the toxic beauty living in her eyes, in her throat. Petrol rainbows down the gutter. Walking the night highways with the cats and lost souls, because they were the only ones who understood her. Understand me. Follow yourself back far enough, you find diminishing lives and holes in the snow.

I follow Siobhan, down the clown’s eye; down the night’s throat. Down the line.


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