Love and the Night (Cats and Corners)

 photo 0643a244-a6f3-4758-97a3-8b9c190575d8_zps85f47084.jpg

When all that is left is the eye
And the meaningless soul of day
When the fleeting echo of light
Is a downward spiral too late

I follow the cats and the souls
Around the corners of life
And into the throat of the night
Where only the loveless play

For mine is a shifting eye
And a doubtful heart of late
With wearying feet and holes
In pockets, where feelings lay

Yours is a hand I could hold
Could cling to, death-grip white
To drag us both down and sleep within
The effortless throat of night

But the cats and the corners call
I can answer with burning eyes
So sleep on, love, the night unfolds;
Your quickening breath, the prize.


2 thoughts on “Love and the Night (Cats and Corners)

  1. Kate says:

    Beautiful poem πŸ™‚ Love the colors, melody & asossiations it gives… & the mood ^_^

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