My baby’s got the lonesome lows

…don’t quite go away overnight.

Emily Haines is one of those rarities of my gender, who happens to be beautiful, talented and completely irreverent. I find her fascinating, and wonderful in the lyrics department. This song, and its video, speaks more to me about addiction than any pot-head film ever could. Lights going out, one by one. That is the life of the addict, as friends and family fall away.

I don’t miss many. The ones who stuck around, were the ones who counted.

Addictive personalities are a crippling beauty of mankind. We can achieve so much, with our ardent fervour; all the while, slicing the tips off our noses, with each bump against another brick wall.

At least I can recognize and admit now, how much I’ve come to resemble my father. After so many years trying to avoid the inevitable 😉 Hah. Some things are not worth running from, in the end. I embrace whatever I’ve been given. Dark eyes, moodiness and the kind of long silences – days at a time – that sit uncomfortably over others, like so much nimbus. I won’t try to change. But I do like to let the sun out to play more often, these days.

Rowboat, left in the rain ..

Green lilypads on the lake; a paler swish of willow vines and branches; and the gently steaming air, full of daffodil rain.
I am a nocturnal creature tonight, eyes full of that super moon, too much liquor in the blood for sleep to come with easy hands. Insomnia’s an old friend by now. Stay with me until dawn.

If we run all night, we’ll outvibe it with blood and gold.


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