Lamplight Haven

Another night, and restless feet, restless spirit. Tired mind, when writing and throwing your ego around the room won’t cut it, when the drink won’t blur the point trying to be made.

I wish I could go back. Things were easier then. I didn’t care.
Didn’t love.
Didn’t feel.

Oh shut up. Just get on with it.

Still passing
Still finding it there, that
Thin film of sweat
That leaden fear
The thready flight of breath
And a shadow’s wing on the wall
When you came by
When you bothered to see
If I ever did live
Here at all.

One eye to the sky
The other on the hand
That’ll have my throat
If I let go
And it’s no good telling
The world that I didn’t know
Since I found the answer here
In the diamond’s eye
And a tainted throat
Black heart and blue soul
And no one there to see
You go.

Just thoughts, really.


2 thoughts on “Lamplight Haven

  1. I will come back to read this again and again. You weave magic with your words. Hugs, n

  2. mageslayerprime says:

    Really powerful. I loved it.

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