Little Girl

Fiction and experience.
For my protagonist, Siobhan.

Little Girl

Stay quiet, little girl
Stay down
No one likes a talker
No one wants to hear
Your sound.

Stay sullen, little girl
Keep low
They won’t like opinions.
Though they often give
Their own.

Stay hidden, little girl
Sly ears
For their ready censure.
For they’ll never lack
Dry wit.

Stay tears, little girl
No life
Is worthy of a cause
When the final script
Isn’t yours.

Edit: Tonight, another part of me died.
I wasn’t sorry to see it go, until after the tears, and the near-razor edge, and the blinding darkness.
But there’s always Mercy Street.


One thought on “Little Girl

  1. mageslayerprime says:

    Reading your words, whether fiction, prose, poetry or whatever else your genius puts forth, always forces me to feel something unexpected and awakens something I didn’t know was slumbering. Thank you.

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