Nest of Tricks

Here’s a new one for 2013.
I can turn gold into base metals.
Love to disappointment.
Friendship to silence.
Best of all, these weak veins are made strong with what lies beneath.

I’m not in a good place tonight. The manic fever is still here, and my head wants to whiteout.
Best I sleep. One more day to go. One more shift, then another year, in which I get to start as a friend and a fuckup all over again.

If Keith Vaz makes it as the new Speaker, I’m going to start carrying a hipflask, for PMQs in particular. The choice will make more sense that way.

Edit: This accumulation of a years’ pain, it can’t last. I’ve come through worse. I need to use it, before I’m blunted.

Edit Edit: Actually, fuck it. Last shift of 2013, over. Bring on 2014. I’m ready.


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