So here it is

New Year, new you. Well, we all know that’s bollocks, but this year has seen me evolve in ways I thought would be possible only if I had a personality transplant.
Oh wait.

Well, never mind that. I’m done with wallowing in 2013. It was a balls-up from start to finish, and I’ve been tempered. Enough now.


* Finally worked out how to use Twitter. Current follower tally stands at 2,045. God knows why, or how. They must all be as demented / loveable as me.

* Made some quite outstanding friends, near and far, as a result of this introduction to social media, in its complex entirety. Honestly couldn’t have been without them this year; particularly the Ka’tet. You know who you are.

* Got another poem published; had my first author interview ( Sep. issue of @SynaesthesiaMag ); had a couple of shorties published in Emags.

* Published my first Kindle story, “Terminal.” Went back to check on sales recently, and discovered my Christmas funds had been significantly boosted. Cue spending-spree on my landlady’s twins.

* After being booted out of my old flat (bad) I now live in a beautiful little loft conversion (good), with an en suite and walk-in wardrobe … which of course holds more books than clothes. And my katana.

* Am still at the Nick, despite a possible hiccup in employment (budget cuts) earlier in the year. Sorted for now. Three years and counting! Am hopefully signing up with the Specials (voluntary) branch, next year’s intake.

* Hit my hospital target weight again, a decade after leaving Bethlem and promptly losing what I’d gained inside. Did it on my own steam this time around, and am far more muscled for it. In fact, most of it IS muscle, barring the appearance of a new cleavage, which still makes me laugh. Me, who never wanted a chest. Hormones, eh.

* Speaking of which … got my menstruation back (sorry guys reading this) after its absence/sporadic appearance for the past decade. Still probably infertile, but I only ever wanted to be an aunt / big sister, really. You get to hand them back this way.

* Am pushing heavier weights and running for longer stretches of time, as a result of said muscle gains. Pretty stoked about this.

* Bone structure still seems to be sound; no joint pains or fever this year, unlike last June, when I seriously wondered if I was dying. Weird Lupus symptoms. Those were bad days. This year, no wrist-clicks or swollen knuckles.

* Had a little cancer scare earlier this year – turns out it was a cyst in my left breast, due to hormones kicking off again. Still needs to be monitored, as the big C runs in my family, but otherwise it was a scare only.

* Jimmi and I decided to call it a day on our five year relationship. Am still trying to find the answer inside, as to where that love went. How complacency made itself known. We are still best friends, which is more than a lot of couples can say with a break-up. I wouldn’t want to lose my soul mate.

* Discovered some amazing new music through friends, including
– Fever Ray
– Polica
– I am Kloot
– The XX
– Blonde Redhead
– Sam Baker

To name but a few. The mainstays are, as ever, The Smiths and The National

* Speaking of, the National’s latest album, “Trouble will find Me”, will forever be my soundtrack to this year. Particularly “Slipped.”

* My beloved cat, Kai, died in November. His weak heart finally gave out. His ashes are kept in a sealed urn at my Ma’s place; it’s in the shape of a little curled cat, which is just how he was – like a furry Danish pastry. RIP, my baby boy.
Additional: Ma made me up a picture book full of photos of him

kaiser book

* I learned the true value of method writing – especially where the novel is concerned. Siobhan became real to me, through Fever Ray’s “Keep the Streets Empty for me

* I coined a new phrase, apparently – “lamplight haven.” Seems no other bugger is using it.

lamplight haven

* Brought a dying little rose back to life. The new flat is doing her good.

Rosie blooming

We’ll see what 2014 brings. More change, I guess. But I think I’m ready this time.
I mean, c’mon, I have a personalized work mug now.

useless twat


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  1. Jessica West says:

    useless twat… teeheehee

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