Perhaps they’ll listen now


“More often than not, music gives the message I can’t say.

Your weekend punchline was the KO, though. I only wish the rest of the audience could laugh along with me, could fully appreciate it as one of your best.

I wish you only luck, and love. You’ll need them. Maybe now we can actually speak as adults, without the veils of metaphor and imagery – or at least less so. I was as much at fault, and complicit, in my cowardice and naivety.

In the meantime, I have writing and a life to catch up with. Rest assured, you remain the sun – I need no other – but you have more lives to warm. I understand, and always did. But I wouldn’t want to lose you.

Fin. X”

(My dear friends, the creativity is back, and narrative flows. Method-writing really does have its benefits; I advocate talking to yourselves more often, or at least appearing to do so. It unblocks the mind.)


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