Darker Shore than Time

For in a silent wave, I stood
Abreast of time, aware of none
Who knew the coming of the day
Would bring us loss, a love undone

Or so it seemed; we wander still
Afar, apart, alone beneath
An endless sky of faded brass
Hope goes to die amidst the swell

You were as me, and I as you
Our paths are deeply scored as time
Who buttons up his coat to find
The deepest pockets, full of silt

It goes along, the story sings
A faint and lilting lullaby
To ageless men and kittens with
The darkest fur and keenest eye

Whatever pain, is silent bent
On hurting what we hope to find
Is never worthy of our cause;
It leaves us cold and older yet.

The water waits on darker shores
Than what time gave us – nothing more
Than talking to and with the stars
A way of light, among the words

It was our silent world of pain
Of absence known, in cut-out space
Here by my side; your shadow-name
Is blue, and folded in my hand.


3 thoughts on “Darker Shore than Time

  1. Amira K. says:

    Gorgeous, my love.

    “Who knew the coming of the day / would bring us loss, a love undone”.

    • raishimi33 says:

      I’ve been heart-heavy with it lately. This time of year has become synonymous with loss, hung in the raindrops on the trees. I lost my old life around this time last year; but began anew, and wasn’t alone in that. Which is something to hold onto. Only, that loss has come around again, and I don’t know how to put things right.

  2. Ronovan says:

    I read this and it makes me want to give up attempts at poetry. Amazing.

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