Same name. Different blog.

I am not the person I was at the start of this year (2013), let alone the naive girl who began a blog in September 2011, with the intention of creating a mirror she wouldn’t want to break with a ready fist. Glass only tells stories, dear reader, but it’s realistic enough on the knuckles. Anorexia is not something to play with. Take my decade’s worth of words for it.

beacon rain

The old blog is located here. It will serve as archives for articles about anorexia / eating disorders, and linguistics / writing techniques.

Other interests will be recorded here, including meteorology, geology, archaeology, criminology, more things suffixed with -ology …
Plus politics, serial killers, creative endeavours outside of writing, and personal thoughts on life with(out) anorexia.

As for me, well, I still hate phatic talk, and love petrol rainbows. I wait for twilight, to walk under a lamplight haven and follow cats around corners, finding my own Mercy Street. Hand me a bottle of Morgans’ Spiced Gold rum, and I’ll drink you under the table. Make it a bottle of Talisker or Laphroaig, and we’re best friends for life.


Gym fiend, walking with my nose in a book, permanently plugged into some form of music; picking up sharp, shiny objects and getting slit palms; hankering after the wrong people, watching the world from under a too-long fringe. Friend of policemen; I am their Kid Sister. If you’re going to slag off the Fuzz, I wouldn’t do it within my knife-throwing range.


Fascinated by fighter jets, from an RAF upbringing. Prone to random bursts of German, and military slang. The sword collection numbers only one now, but my antique katana, Yukiko, is dear to me.

Synaesthetic (sound-colour) – more on that here, courtesy of the lovely Synaesthesia Magazine (@SynaesthesiaMag). One of my favourite discoveries of this year.

All the rest, you can find out on the blog.


Right shoulderblade, “The Emperor” – 2004, after leaving hospital.


Left shoulderblade, “The Empress” – 2007, after going back to college and completing my A Levels. Education is a lifesaver.


2 thoughts on “Introducing…

  1. Amira K. says:

    Welcome to the world, I think. We’re glad to have you here.

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